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Hi! I’m Dave, as a father, husband and entrepreneur, I’ve learned first-hand the importance of maintaining balance in our lives. Juggling work, family, and personal pursuits can be challenging, but I’ve found that a holistic approach to health and wellness can make all the difference.  I created this website as a one-stop shop for all my favorite health, wellness, nutrition, and fitness content. Since I frequently receive questions about my daily routines, I hope this site will be a valuable resource for others seeking tips and advice. Together, let’s work towards a healthier, more vibrant life.

About Me

I’m originally from Long Island, NY, and I’ve always been passionate about physical fitness and personal development. I hold a PhD in Organic Chemistry and have spent years working in scientific research. Currently, I serve as the Chief Scientific Officer at a small biotech company that I co-founded.

My journey as an entrepreneur has taught me the importance of maintaining balance in life. It’s not just about professional achievements, but also about nurturing our personal well-being and the relationships that matter most. As a husband and father, I know the challenges of juggling work, family, and personal growth. I love watching my son play sports and enjoy sport fishing with my family, cherishing the quality time we spend together.

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